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Licensed City Social Worker at Sony

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United States

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As a determined self-starter who always finds the passion to enjoy all aspects of a successful career, Herman Allen Autry has had no qualms about attempting to do new things. With a proven ability to identify key issues in the quickest and best possible manner, Herman Allen Autry has thus been able to galvanize people into immediate action and motivate the unwilling to move and perform as expected. This no-nonsense attitude has enabled Herman to attain fresh perspectives in corporate social responsibility while helping the company thrive in the business. Joining Mittal-Arcelor in 1996, Herman moved upward from being Deputy Manager for Procurement to Administrative Coordinator for the DR3 Project and on to Deputy Manager for Marketing. This upward climb enabled Herman to showcase sheer intelligence and wholehearted dedication to the posts. As the world's largest steel company, Mittal-Arcelor had optimum use of Herman's strong sense of character and organization.

Herman Autry's Professional Experience