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Founder and CFO at AGR Group



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United States

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General Management



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Commanding more than 35 years’ experience as a business executive and entrepreneur, Herb Zerden possesses a wealth of technical, managerial, and financial skills. He personally founded two successful businesses and has served in the roles of chief executive officer, chief financial officer, and manager over the course of his career.

For his first 12 years in business, Herb Zerden worked as Manager and Buyer at Leading Dress Shop in Baltimore, where he was responsible for general operations, hiring staff, purchasing merchandise, and overseeing the accounting department. At the time of his departure, the company’s revenue and performance had reached an all-time high. Zerden subsequently founded his first company, Least Cost Routing, in 1995, which he developed alongside his wife. With the help of his sales team, Zerden designed the entire infrastructure of the telecommunications business. Less than a year after it opened, Least Cost Routing became so successful that it was purchased by a public company.

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2005 - 2011

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Bachelor/Degree - Math and Science

University of Maryland College Park

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Donate regularly to organizations that help children. Specifically help children with their literacy, help them get off drugs and help them develop moral codes to live by so that they become productive members of society. Also donate to groups that help foster children. Having adopted 3 from the system I know firsthand how much help is needed for these kids with no home to call their own. Movies, Boating