He Xiao - Logistiek en supply chain professional

sales and logistics assistant at HKC europe bv



Work category

Transport and Logistics



He Xiao's Professional Experience

2012 - 2012

HKC europe bv - sales and logistics assistant

Responsible for Purchasing Management, Inventory Control and Sales.

Key Skills
Purchasing purchasing management
2011 - 2011

Cultraview Digital Technology Co., Ltd - Trainee

Responsible for Software Updating and Packaging Quality Management.

2010 - 2011

Hogeschool Rotterdam - Researcher

Market research in Lithuania Tourism Program, responsible for Target Group Selection, Stakeholder Interview, Websites Analysis, Products & Promotions Design and Suggest for Lithuania Tourism Office.

Key Skills
2008 - 2008

ibravo - Trainee

Responsible for inventory and logistics management. Contribution to selection of suitable ordering strategies for various products supply by using Products ABC Analysis tool.

Key Skills
logistics management

He Xiao's Education and Qualifications


Masters/PostGrad - Logistics Management Master Program

Hogeschool Rotterdam

He Xiao's Additional Information