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My carrer are based on development, architecting and looking new possibilities or inovations on software context, working with corporative applications and critical payment systems.

I'm working with Java (JEE) with Agile Methods on governamental sphere and in my personal projects.

My interest about technology is web development, using Java, Rails, Scala, Erlang and mobile applications using Objective-C.

Challenges in the technical resolutions or no technical stimulate my motivation, to contribute with a creative way to resolve them.

Gustavo Anatoly Fernandes Velásquez Solís's Professional Experience

2011 - Present

Funetec PB - JEE Architect

Currently working with JEE platform, JBoss Seam, Hibernate and JBoss AS, to develop SIM (Sistema Informação Municipal) that means an ERP to gorvenamental initiative.

Key Skills
2011 - 2012

Politec - Analyst/Developer

Developing with JEE to financial application.

2009 - 2011

Neus Tecnologia da Info. LTDA - Senior Architect/Developer

Developing payment systems with Java, C++, C, Ruby, Delphi.

Key Skills
2007 - 2008

Secretaria de Saúde do Estados da Paraíba - Analyst/Developer Java

Development health systems information to map diseases and manage data about health care campaign.

Key Skills
2004 - 2008

Prefeitura Municipal de João Pessoa - Software Development Manager

Co-Founder of Governmental Academical System, used to manage schools informations, teachers and students.

Gustavo Anatoly Fernandes Velásquez Solís's Education and Qualifications


Bachelor/Degree - BS. IT, Information System

Instituto Educação Superior Da Paraíba


Bachelor/Degree - BSc IT, Information System

Instituto de Educação Superior da Paraíba - IESP

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