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The scope of my experience includes an internship at a small market research firm and various contributions to different organizations, such as event organization, social volunteer, sports and student association. My professional experience also includes Marketing and Advertising teaching in Trás-os-Montes University. During the total time, I have gained experience in consumer inquiry, competition analysis, product study, as well as other complementary knowledge such as leadership dynamics, presentation skills, business communication and advertising.
My academic research includes a published paper (Foundations for a context-aware mobile advertising system, Centeris, 2011, Albufeira, Portugal), and my Masters thesis (Contextual Advertising for Mobile devices).
My complementary studies also include:
• A short-term course (25 hours) on Design;
• Instructor certificate
• English B1 certificate
• Drivers licence

Here are some of my specific skills:
Creativity and a major focus on innovation,
Responsability with flexibility to remain highly focused in fast-paced environment,
A hands-on team member and critical thinker, who can respect others opinion, adapt to a new work environment and easily learn new work methodology.
I believe I have the qualifications and enthusiasm that you are looking for. I thrive on challenges and I am committed to spending the time and effort it takes to succeed.

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