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My New Life

Moving abroad isn't something you just do. It's not just a matter of packing your bags and going. It involves organising, adapting and finding a new job! To make such a big step everybody ca ... more
Category: Other 45 members, 8 topics. Latest Post 9 years ago by NannyGPS

Ireland/U.S. Opportunities

Please use this group to discuss or promote business ventures and marketing/PR opportunities relevant to both Ireland and the U.S. This forum will also be a place to pose questions or seek resources f ... more
Category: Marketing 41 members, 4 topics. Latest Post 1 decade ago by Colette Quinn

Malahide Rugby Club

This group is private and for members of the Malahide Rugby Club. Its' goal is simple ... to add value to club members, by providing a business networking forum. At a base level, we can share o ... more
Category: Other 20 members, 1 topic. Latest Post 1 decade ago by John Melvin

Get Bray Working

A group dedicated to the job seekers of Bray County Wicklow.
Category: Other 2 members, 0 topics. No posts yet

Credit Management Solutions

Check out this group if your company sells on credit and you have cash-flow issues. Resources and discussions for credit management professionals, business owners, collectors or anyone in an accountin ... more
Category: Accounting and Finance 2 members, 2 topics. Latest Post 1 decade ago by Steven Gill


This group is for anyone working in sales or anybody looking to start a career in sales. Use it as a platform to share resources, news, jobs or events with other members.
Category: Sales 2276 members, 1 topic. Latest Post 1 decade ago by Niamh Ni Mhir

Hotel and Catering

This group is for anyone working in or looking to work in the hospitality sector.
Category: Hotel and Catering 3425 members, 5 topics. Latest Post 8 years ago by Maya Garlacz

General Management

This group is for people working at management level in any industry. Use it as a forum to share useful tips and advice.
Category: General Management 862 members, 4 topics. Latest Post 9 years ago by Emmet Burke


This is a general business group where you can share information, links and advice.
Category: Business 1876 members, 8 topics. Latest Post 6 years ago by Quentinthibault Quentinthibault


This is a discussion group for anyone working in the legal profession or studying law.
Category: Legal 731 members, 2 topics. Latest Post 7 years ago by Law Senate