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Brian Bueche said

Lindley was awful Sun Jan 4 01:15:40

Brian Bueche said

If it doesn't challenge your won't change you Wed Dec 3 20:38:00

Stephen Cody started a new topic upskilling

What about fundraising for charity? more Thu May 17 11:47:07

Kathleen Mccarroll started a new topic upskilling

i would like a new job working with the general public . any ideas more Thu May 17 11:09:20

Bryan Dignam said

Hi Regina, It turns out our max picture size was in fact not 2MB so I apologise about that. However, it has now been changed to 2MB so you should have no problem uploading your picture now. Thanks for contacting me again and hope everything works out now. Wed Apr 4 09:35:26

Regina Finan said

Hi Bryan. The photo I'm trying to upload is 1.89MB but every time I try to upload it I get an alert thing telling me that the max allowed size for the file is '976.56kB'. All of my photos are about the same size and I don't know how to convert them. Tue Apr 3 16:53:00

Bryan Dignam said

Check out Worky's new range of FREE courseware for all Worky members to engage in! Great way to improve general knowledge of specific topics of interest. Additional courseware to be added in due course! Wed Mar 28 16:28:51

Bryan Dignam started a new topic New On-line Courseware Feedback

So we have officially started to host courseware on the Worky site now and we would like your feedback and opinions on what you think so far. 
Here's how it works:
As a Worky member, you now have the option in taking as many courses as you wish fro… more
Tue Mar 27 10:39:25

Bryan Dignam said

Hi Regina, Just make sure your picture is no more than 2 megabytes in size. Then you should have no problem uploading your profile picture. It may take awhile to convert but that should work. If you still have trouble, let me know. :) Tue Mar 20 12:50:00

Regina Finan said

Love the website! One question though, I keep trying to upload a photo to my profile but I can't (sometime about the file being too big). Any ideas? Mon Mar 19 12:17:06 said

6 Ways To Get Ideal Job Opportunities Abroad To learn about working and living abroad, go to Thu Feb 9 12:06:19

Jamie Keaney said

Just discovered Worky this week and I'm very impressed with the idea of it!! Very clever how its done :) Fri Jan 27 12:26:04

Niall Dawson said

Also on the Newsletter front, a few tech issues still being sorted out, next one will be a bit later than usual but expect to see it in your inbox soon... Fri Mar 11 09:42:50

Niall Dawson said

Thanks Satheesh, we will have a look at the image option... There are a load of security issues with linking to images (cross site scripting etc)... However non of these are insurmountable and it is something we will look into very shortly.. Fri Mar 11 09:25:15

Satheesh Vattem said

Great job guys with the new weekly update template and also the addition of blog. I believe the blog will add a lot of value to the profile. One small complaint though is that it is not possible to add an image in the blog. Can this be fixed soon enough ; Thu Mar 10 19:22:40

ZοΙtán ☁ Janό started a new topic Adding a custom 'From' address in Gmail

This guide will show you how to send email from an address other than your default Gmail address.
Click here to see the same guide for Hotmail
After you have purchased your own domain name with Worky, emails going to will be forw… more
Fri Mar 4 12:54:56

Niall Dawson started a new topic Adding a custom 'From' address in Hotmail

This guide will show you how to send email from an address other than your default Hotmail address.
Click here to see the same guide for Gmail
After you have purchased your own domain name with Worky, emails going to will be forw… more
Fri Mar 4 12:54:20

Andrea Trujillo said

Colorado Airport Transportation is a prompt, professional, 24 hour service that can take you where you need to go Tue Mar 1 23:26:59

Alex L. commented on Bidirectional Incentives :-)

Hi Ray, Thank you for the tips. I improved my profile a bit. I know you have big hope for Ireland. I feel pessimistic to be honest. Ireland paid for our education and now so many young people are leaving because we are unable to find a decent job. Further… more Thu Feb 10 19:15:39

Ray Nolan commented on Bidirectional Incentives :-)

Hey Alex, Glad you enjoyed the talk. It's important to own "brand you" as soon as possible.   Whilst profiles can be light on experience at least you've set your marker down. If you wanted more traffic, you should add descriptions as to what you did … more Thu Feb 10 16:52:40
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