Start you own business from scratch - Stone Soup

Start you own business from scratch - Stone Soup

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About: Always wanted to be your own boss but didn't know where to start?

This group is to assist you to realize that dream using the techniques developed and documented in the book Stone Soup - How to make something out of nothing as well as ideas from a host of other proven sources.

David Ryan commented on I need help!

Hi Bill, Thanks for your quick responce. Well spotted 73/30 split (my mistake) you would think I would have spotted my mistake especially for someone that knows quite a lot about margains.I get where you are comming from about the Letsgetworking website. … more Tue Oct 30 18:17:09

Bill Liao started a new topic I need help!

Well for a start your web site does not tell a good story and has the look and feel of one of those self help websites so first I woudl get your collateral credible and put a decent advisory board in place. Also 73/30 split does not add up literally or fi… more Tue Oct 30 15:17:16

David Ryan started a new topic I need help!

I would like your opinion on how to attract partners to a new online business that I am setting up.I intend to split the revenue 70/30 in favour of the partners. More info at and I am actively looking for partners across Ireland. more Tue Oct 30 14:55:39

Stephen Marden said

I have much info about starting a business. I have made many mistakes and had many http://successes..Feel free to ask me anything..I love to help! Thu Aug 30 05:31:39

Johnstown Business Centre said

We wish you a Very Happy and fruitful New Year. Remember think positive, by this time next year “we will be millionaires”. Tue Dec 28 10:55:56

Alan Hickling started a new topic Work after a Stroke

I want to show people that people are not unemployable after a stroke. You should not be on the scrapheap after a stroke more Sat Nov 13 11:09:36

Web Niche said

Business moves online nowadays, if you are not online, you cannot network, if you network, you are promoting your goods & services, special offers etc. You need to point your target audience somewhere…where? You’re Website! From €299 // Web Niche Thu Nov 4 21:37:50

Virtual Office said

First Impressions Count! Virtual offices and virtual office services will help you to establich instant credibility and the image, which your company deserves. You can grow your business in the smart way! Fur further information call us on 045- 844080 Tue Nov 2 16:09:38

Johnstown Business Centre commented on Start up..Need Help

Provide your business with the space it needs at a price you can afford. Johnstown Business Centre provides everything your business needs including furnishings and office equipment, all backed up by professional support services and infrastructure. No lo… more Tue Nov 2 13:39:06

Johnstown Business Centre commented on Start up..Need Help

Premium Serviced Offices! Our services include a wide range of high quality Serviced Offices and Meeting Rooms, we offer a cost-effective solution for every requirement in our prestigious Business Centre. more Tue Nov 2 13:05:06

Ruth Henderson said

The FIRST and ONLY online interactive support service for new business start ups -> Mon Nov 1 17:06:50

John Kelly started a new topic Start up..Need Help

Have you decided not to move into an office from a home office because of the prohibitive cost of renting. Well we have the perfect answer. more Mon Sep 6 15:53:58

getmeoutofhere getmeoutof here commented on Come and Play

I've updated this post to reflect recent developments and progress.  Thanks to all who voted and to our first 3 sponsors; Scapegoat Design, Cruickshank IP Attorneys and Paddy Power more Wed Aug 18 00:27:40

getmeoutofhere getmeoutof here started a new topic Come and Play

The Irish Innovation Centre is gearing up to launch out more here more Wed Jul 14 18:51:29

Robert Cooper commented on The missing link

Niall, many thanks for that - I'll check that out.

(Just re-read my original post - didn't realise it sounded like such a rant!) more
Fri May 21 20:32:57

Niall Dawson commented on The missing link

Hi Robert,

These links might help

the MD profile is at

He might have some ideas on how to get things up and off the ground

just a thought... more
Fri May 21 09:35:48

Robert Cooper started a new topic The missing link

I've just read MJ's comment/question re getting a programmer for his new start-up idea. I have to say, this is something that frustrates the hell out of me.

Now I know I'm not the only one but here is my issue: Every now and again, I have an idea - u… more
Sat Apr 24 22:31:05

getmeoutofhere getmeoutof here commented on Your startup questions answered here!

Hi Bill,

really appreciate the feedback. Lots of food for thought. Thank-you.

Any interesting projects you are working on at the moment? more
Wed Apr 7 08:25:30

Bill Liao commented on Your startup questions answered here!

Hi MJ,

First do not be too protective of your idea as the chances are that someone else has already thought of it anyway and Ideas are not worth much in and of themselves.

The key is execution and is you cannot execute your idea faster and better th… more
Tue Apr 6 08:59:33

getmeoutofhere getmeoutof here commented on Your startup questions answered here!

Hi Bill,
I was hoping you could offer some advice as I go about getting a web-based company off the ground.

I'm good with people, dealing with customers and selling. I have boot-strapped myself from a sales perspective many times and this is what I w… more
Thu Mar 25 12:23:38
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