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About: Moving abroad isn't something you just do. It's not just a matter of packing your bags and going. It involves organising, adapting and finding a new job! To make such a big step everybody can use some help.
This is where we come in. The 'My New Life' group will guide you through the process of immigrating. You'll be provided with information regarding topics like finding a new job and how to adapt to your new home. Together we will start interesting discussions and post tips, experiences and ideas. Enjoy!

NannyGPS started a new topic Moving abroad

Do you want to move abroad, experience life in a new country but maybe are a little afraid of going alone? An ideal way to start your experience in a new country is to work for a family as an au pair nanny for a few months to give you a chance to settle i… more Tue Dec 20 10:16:40

gone away said

could anyone help me with the best way to go about studying nursing in UK?? ie - best colleges, accomodation, etc... all help greatly appreciated. Sun Jan 2 22:35:58

Puck Hienekamp started a new topic Just a little 'fact'

There are always facts about people, countries or cultures that you didn't see coming or simply blew your mind. Yesterday's Metro showed an article with a, for me, unexpected result concerning the Irish: 3 in 10 have never used webThree in ten Irish peopl… more Wed Sep 29 08:40:18

Puck Hienekamp commented on How to Kill your Job Interview!

Last Wednesday, September 8, 2010, an article was placed in Metro Herald concerning job interviews. No matter where you're from, everybody will know not to act like the following in job interviews: Want the job? Then take off your helmet  Job se… more Tue Sep 14 13:38:47

Puck Hienekamp commented on Experiences in overload!

Anything can make a person think, no matter how small it might seem to somebody else. Whether it concerns a habit, thought or tradition, all these things can influence the way people think, what they think about and when they think about it. This may soun… more Tue Sep 7 14:27:34

Puck Hienekamp started a new topic Experiences in overload!

Every year many people decide to take the big step of moving abroad. One can go abroad to spend some college time overseas, to start a new career, look for a new job or just for fun. The different reasons for going abroad make people's experiences differ … more Wed Sep 1 13:13:42

Puck Hienekamp started a new topic How to Kill your Job Interview!

A job interview is of great importance for your future and will therefore have to be taken seriously. First of all you have to be dressed right, so no baggy jeans or short tops; secondly you have to look and smell clean; so there will be no mud wrestling … more Tue Aug 31 13:47:44

Puck Hienekamp started a new topic Make it or break it

Facebook... a great and popular social network site. I use it, my friends use it, my neighbors use it and even my boss maintains his own profile. It's a fantastic way of staying in touch with others, sharing experiences and posting pictures. People from a… more Mon Aug 30 14:30:03

Puck Hienekamp commented on Is this the real you?!

Especially if the required language isn't your mother tongue it's easy to make a grammar mistake or use a phrase in the wrong way. This doesn't have to be the end of the world but it can definitely lower your chances of getting a job. Grammar mistake… more Fri Aug 27 10:52:28

Puck Hienekamp started a new topic Is this the real you?!

One of the most important things concerning finding a job is your cover letter. Your cover letter is a personal way of presenting yourself. Yes, you have to sell yourself, but do this in a personal and spontaneous way. Give it a humorous&nb… more Thu Aug 26 15:48:46

Puck Hienekamp started a new topic Your Worky Profile!

Not only can you react on job advertisements, companies can also look for you! Worky connects members with jobs by matching keywords from the job description and your profile. The more keywords that match on both profiles, the higher you'll be linked to t… more Wed Aug 25 15:36:13

Puck Hienekamp started a new topic Your Worky Profile!

Moving abroad is a very exciting decision. You go on your own, with a friend or maybe even with your family. You can share your ideas, thoughts and feelings, but in the end everybody will experience the change in a different way. You'll meet new people, s… more Wed Aug 25 15:31:48
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