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About: This group is for anyone who has worked or works in Media and Design industry, and would like to share common interests, issues and advice with other group members.
Feel free to ask any design or media related questions.

Laura Marie Fennell said

Hi my name is Laura Marie, I'm a media graduate and currently doing a course in TV presenting. I'm looking to work within acting, broadcasting or even as a runner within a production company. If anyone has any information. I'd really appreciate it. Tue Oct 16 12:14:01

Chris Mc Laughlin said

Hi iv been doing Sound effects for short film Clips at college and really love the whole Sound Foley scene if anyone could let me know were i could get talking to people that work in that industry it would be great thanks, Fri Jun 1 15:05:08

Alan Armitage said

Anyone interested, get in touch please. Tue Jun 7 10:46:03

Alan Armitage said

This group would be somewhere that we could discuss, brainstorm and develop ideas for start-ups business, both online and offline. Tue Jun 7 10:45:26

Alan Armitage said

Im interested in setting up a group where Designers of any discipline,Web Developers, Programmers Marketing guru's Entrepreneurs etc, employed or out of work in the Carlow, Kilkenny & Waterford Area can get together on maybe a bi monthly. Tue Jun 7 10:43:28

Web Niche commented on Most beautiful website!

Quite a nice website, a little bold, but nice, modern & professional. The shop is a little confusing, layout can be improved, overall 7/10 :-) Hope this helps... Web Niche more Thu Nov 4 21:47:27

vivholst commented on Most beautiful website!

I'd like to submit my site for review also :) Any feedback would be great to help progress it http://cheers ; Viv more Fri Oct 29 16:26:38

Michael Bassett commented on Most beautiful website!

Its all about content and the users interests. If the site was a blog on hairy bikers using the same template I don't think it would come across a "beautiful". In saying that the photography within the site is nice and soft which complements the design. I… more Wed Oct 20 08:01:53

John Armstrong-millar commented on Most beautiful website!

One of the nicer wordpress templates I've seen for a while more Wed Oct 20 02:15:58

Lauren Fisher started a new topic Most beautiful website!

I'd love to know which is your favourite website, simply for looking beautiful! I'd have to say Blanaid's blog more Tue Oct 19 15:55:14

Nikola Nikolov commented on Share you favorites

And here is some inspiration and a shot of creativity for the 'cloudy' days. more Fri Oct 1 16:00:48

Nikola Nikolov commented on Share you favorites

Talking about nice tools, I love SEOMoz Tools very handy and helpful. My favorite one is the site crawler.  more Fri Oct 1 15:59:21

Lauren Fisher commented on Share you favorites

Hi Nikola, great forum topic! Hands down one of my favourite sites is Ireland Metrix - great when looking for site traffic. more Tue Sep 28 20:14:29

Niall Dawson started a new topic Share you favorites great for picking colour palettes for someone who is as aesthetically challenged as me :) more Fri Sep 24 14:37:35

Nikola Nikolov started a new topic Share you favorites

Everyone has a special list of favorite links that at some point has helped them to deal with a problem or a task at work. I would like to start that topic with a link to a website that I've recently found It is a great source… more Fri Sep 24 14:29:34

BAMIDELE AJAYI started a new topic naija @ 50 anniversary

interested organizations or persons that want to patack in any forum or advertise in any of the country's media houses and showcase your reach cultural heritage @ the pre and post independent festival should to contact via Tell : +234-803-157-1914 or +234… more Thu Sep 23 15:58:55

Lucas Andzel started a new topic Inventive websites

I'm not 100% sure if this is the right place to start this kind of thread but,
if someone is interested in designing for me and making actuall website ( I would need it working and google set up ) please send a commenst here, or contact me directly. I wa… more
Sun Jun 13 21:30:50

Nikola Nikolov started a new topic The Last Advertising Agency on Earth

The Last Advertising Agency on Earth is creative video showing the future/present of media advertising. more Thu Mar 25 14:18:57
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