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Founded: 15th Jul 2010
About: JobCare's JobClub or Employment Preparation Courses run for a seven week period, several times throughout the year. This Group is for those who have attended or are attending the EPC.

David Gondokondo said

I am glad I am getting assistance in my job search by jobcare jobclub. I did EPC. Mon Apr 4 18:28:25

Christine Young commented on How to Eat Chocolate

Hi Ronald My name is Christine and I am interested in starting a charity I was advised to run it as a business, what is your course and what is the cost? Christine more Wed Oct 27 12:56:33

Maura Stimpson said

Hello glad to be a member of your group. Maura Wed Oct 27 11:07:29

Gregory Donaghy started a new topic Nigeria @ 50

Please note, the Jobcare's, Jobclub section is to be used as a source for job seeking and not as a source of advertising for concerns unrelated to job seeking.  Any posts deemed unsuitable will be removed. more Thu Sep 23 16:38:13

Ronald Hughes started a new topic How to Eat Chocolate

Hi Guys I run a group for people starting businesses as a way of breaking out of unemployment called "How to Eat Chocolate" we deal with starting your own business issues but mostly we are about maintaining our motivation.  I am also aware of Worksea… more Sat Aug 21 10:41:20

Gregory Donaghy started a new topic Tech firm PFH to create 80 jobs for Dublin, Cork

Technology company PFH's expansion on the heels of its purchase of the Irish division of Siemens Enterprise Communications has resulted in the upcoming creation of 80 jobs in Dublin and Cork.… more Thu Jul 15 12:26:27

Gregory Donaghy started a new topic Eighty jobs will result from the first phase of the network, with thousands of others being created as the network rolls out across Ireland.

Details of a technology for high-speed communications called the smart network, with the potential to create thousands of jobs, are to be revealed by Communications Minister Eamon Ryan this morning. A single infrastructure for all digital communications w… more Thu Jul 15 09:21:55
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