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John Burns, ACMA commented on Basics of iPhone Application Development

Hi Zoltan, Many thanks for your very detailed response to my original question. It is greatly appreciated.  Once Again, Kind Regards John Burns more Tue Jun 26 19:59:41

ZοΙtán ☁ Janό commented on Basics of iPhone Application Development

Hi John

First, you'll need a Mac for developing iOS apps. You can use a MacBook, MacBook Pro/Air, Mac Mini - basically any Mac computer running Mac OSX Lion.
You have to register as an iOS developer. You'll need this to be able to publish your apps, b… more
Tue Jun 26 14:16:54

John Burns, ACMA started a new topic Basics of iPhone Application Development

Very recently I set up a Professional Profile on Worky, as I am keen to follow a new career path. Could you please explain what are the basic requirements to develop applications for the iPhone. Kind Regards  more Sun Jun 24 14:28:24
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