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Bill Liao started a new topic iPad2 ... Lovin' it.

Agree 100% :-) more Tue May 10 19:20:38

Ray Nolan started a new topic iPad2 ... Lovin' it.

I can't say I killed myself in the hunt to have an ipad2. Okay it's thinner and lighter and allegedly faster, but I was happy with my 3G, so felt I could wait until the rush was over.

A good friend in the US persisted and sent me one nonetheless. (T… more
Tue May 10 18:44:06

Ray Nolan said

New IOS 4.3 has personal wifi built in. At last.

Hard to see how many 3G iPad 2's will sell given most iPad users have iPhones?
Thu Mar 3 18:41:43

Ray Nolan said

Good to see iOS 4.3 looks like having "personal hotspot". Use your iPhone Internet connection on your iPad. Via Bluetooth or wifi. Sun Feb 6 22:52:30

Ray Nolan said

Just hooked up #appletv. My new fav device. Use US iTunes account, get latest tv/movies. Drop Sky. Save $$$. Airplay pics/movies from iPad. Thu Dec 30 15:10:18

Ray Nolan said

Used my iPad and VGA connector to give a presentation recently. Worked well. Can't see presentation on projector and iPad at same time, so had copy on iPhone. Really smooth. Adds to conversational style. Mon Nov 15 17:09:41

Ed Byrne said

MyTop 5 iPad Apps: Evernote, Dropbox, IM+, Instapaper, Keynote. Anyone any tips!? Things is lovely but sync a pain + no web app. Cant' wait for ios 4.2 ... multi-tasking will make it much more viable (for me) as a laptop replacement. Mon Nov 1 10:20:04

davidoriordan commented on Wait for Tether or buy a 3G

I had a quick look at the HTC Desirer and set the pre loaded wifi app to on, it worked very well, it looks a very good phone and has allot of the iPhone type apps,  if you have an iPad wifi only and need a new phone I would consider this phone with a… more Tue Oct 26 17:57:12

Mark Swaine said

Loving 'Things' for iPad, so good for organising project notes and lists: http://culturedcode.com/things/ipad/ Wed Oct 13 20:57:30

Ray Nolan commented on Giving up on my laptop altogether ... nearly !

Ok ... trying this scenario for a week ..... needs revision :) Problem is my laptop is invariably off .... a problem even LogMeIn can't solve. I'm guessing the future now lies with drop box ... or using online apps exclusively!  Sounds good ... unles… more Mon Oct 4 15:19:33

Ray Nolan started a new topic Giving up on my laptop altogether ... nearly !

I've increasingly found that my laptop is unnecessary...  Even tho' it's a very cool and very light Mac Air. The fact is that I, like most of you guys, don't originate that many docs any more.  Sure ... I read, digest, comment on, critique etc.,… more Thu Sep 23 14:00:44

Ray Nolan said

Ate at Gordon Ramsays, clarridges last night. Wine list was on an iPad! Get ready guys, it's all about to change :) Thu Sep 9 17:36:00

Ray Nolan commented on Wait for Tether or buy a 3G

More on books problem .... Ireland is lagging with publishers according to my source in Apple today ... will prob always be behind ... so free books is it I'm afraid. It's back to the US address / US account solution I've used before. NB :  My origin… more Tue Aug 31 13:02:38

Stewart Curry commented on Is Flash heading towards the end of its life? Oh Yes, according to Steve Jobs

<conspiracy theory>If flash was on the iPad people would just go to http://miniclip.com http://for games instead of buying them from Apple. </conspiracy theory> more Tue Aug 31 10:00:30

Stewart Curry commented on First three must-have iPad apps

Google Earth - for showing off Dropbox - for file sharing and syncing (here's my affiliate link - if you sign up using it we both get bonus free space: http://www.dropbox.com/referrals/NTE0MTQzMzk ) IMDB - what the iPad was made for - watching TV whi… more Tue Aug 31 09:56:59

Stewart Curry commented on Any thoughts on Flipboard

I really like it but the novelty has kinda worn off. Check out FLUD, it's a similar idea. I think the trick for anyone developing an app like this is to provide a ton of content people know they like (so they sub to gizmodo, nat go or whatever) but also c… more Tue Aug 31 08:53:29

Stewart Curry commented on Wait for Tether or buy a 3G

In answer to the book problem - just download the Kindle app and you can buy ebooks from Amazon. (Though I'm not convinced the iPad is a great ereader - eys do get sore after a while) more Tue Aug 31 08:51:28

Ray Nolan commented on Wait for Tether or buy a 3G

Thanks Bill. Just loading up the new one now. Really frustrated by the fact that the book store is only offering me free books (my credit is good I swear!).  No answers online either. Stay well. R. more Mon Aug 30 21:32:04

Bill Liao commented on Wait for Tether or buy a 3G

Vodafone has given me the best results in Ireland and lebara outside more Mon Aug 30 17:17:37
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