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This group is for graduates who are ready to start an exciting but (sometimes) scary journey called 'job hunting'. After college, travelling, socialising, graduation, eventually you reach th ... more
Category: Other 151 members, 28 topics. Latest Post 9 years ago by Sarah Walsh


Find out more about Worky.com - learn how to create the perfect profile, how to get noticed in the network and how to use Worky.com to advance your career. Get tips and tricks from Worky staff and pre ... more
Category: Other 154 members, 12 topics. Latest Post 1 decade ago by Stephen Cody


This group is for freelancers to promote what they do and for companies or individuals to post projects that appeal to freelancers of any type.
Category: Other 93 members, 25 topics. Latest Post 8 years ago by Marilyn Hajicek


All things iPad. Users, Apps, Tips etc.
Category: Other 29 members, 9 topics. Latest Post 1 decade ago by Bill Liao

How to eat chocolate

How to eat chocolate is forum to discuss life skills, things we can do to improve our lot. This corresponds to our life skills course run weekly . Currently being piloted by Partas in South County Du ... more
Category: Other 15 members, 2 topics. Latest Post 1 decade ago by Ronald Hughes

Volunteering / Non-Profit Sector / Social Entrepreneurship

For those interested in volunteering or working in the non-profit sector or the social entrepreneurship area. Advice, opportunities and information. All welcome!
Category: Other 58 members, 5 topics. Latest Post 9 years ago by Mick Mun

Sustainable Business

Ideas and thoughts on sustainable business. All welcome
Category: Other 25 members, 1 topic. Latest Post 1 decade ago by Marie-Claire Walsh

My New Life

Moving abroad isn't something you just do. It's not just a matter of packing your bags and going. It involves organising, adapting and finding a new job! To make such a big step everybody ca ... more
Category: Other 45 members, 8 topics. Latest Post 1 decade ago by NannyGPS

Malahide Rugby Club

This group is private and for members of the Malahide Rugby Club. Its' goal is simple ... to add value to club members, by providing a business networking forum. At a base level, we can share o ... more
Category: Other 20 members, 1 topic. Latest Post 1 decade ago by John Melvin

Get Bray Working

A group dedicated to the job seekers of Bray County Wicklow.
Category: Other 2 members, 0 topics. No posts yet