Food and Drink Lovers

Food and Drink Lovers

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About: Created for all food and drink lovers across the world.

As a chef I have experienced many wild and exciting dishes across the globe and hope now hope others will get involved and share their food and drink experiences from around the world for others too share and enjoy!

Share everything like restaurant experiences, drink opinions, national dishes, etc......

Gilles Cailleaux started a new topic Delicious Candy...You'll just love it.

A perfect gourmet gift for any birthday parties, weddings, anniversaries, celebrations, picnic/holiday or business events. Gluten free & 48 calories per calisson with beautifully packed specially for you to decorate your table. You can choose any avai… more Thu Oct 9 07:32:15

Andy Rice said

After my graduation I'm planning on moving to France to work! I cannot wait to try the new cuisine over there. Really like the look of this group. Love to hear of some places in Paris. Wed Feb 8 17:13:29
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