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Customer Service

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About: This group is for anyone who has worked or works in Customer Services, and would like to share common interests, issues and advice with other group members. Feel free to share your stories of dealing with customers and how you handled the situation,
Or ask for advice on how to handle a particular customer situation. We're here to help each other!

Oscar Andres Meza Salas said

hola,or hi someone out there!I`m oscar from barranquilla colombia,I ' ve tried to be working on bilateral,but it has been impossible,and I don't know why! Fri Aug 1 17:59:34

SAP Solution said

Hello, We are freelancers ready to implement offshore SAP BASIS, GRC and Security Projects. Please reach at for more information. Sun Apr 20 09:45:27

Valery Kashkarov said

Hey there everyone. Thu Dec 19 09:52:31

Oskar Boral said

hi all ;) Sat Nov 30 02:51:49

Monica Pascale said

Hy everyone Thu Sep 12 12:36:06

Juan Antonio Sevilla Sanchez said

Hello guys Fri Dec 7 01:27:01

Izabela Jarzabek said

Hallo Tue Oct 23 12:40:48

Fouad El Youssoufi said

Hello every one Thu Oct 11 22:10:55 said

Experienced Receptionist wanted in busy sports and beauty salon in Dublin City Centre today! #jobfairy #jobs #worky Wed Mar 7 16:13:44

Tisha Rollins said

I just wanted to say HELLO. I am new to worky. Wed Dec 21 18:06:36

Brian Khumalo said

Hi folks, just a thought and probably something in most service providers' minds.....who's responsibility is it for the quality of 'Customer Service' in an organisation? What about cross functionally (internally between departments) - how important is it? Sat Dec 3 22:45:58

Caroline Marie said

Customer Experience Management in Telecoms Event, 24-27th January 2011, Le Meridien, Piccadilly, London Mon Jan 17 15:46:50

Ronald Hughes started a new topic What should you learn about customer service

In this video we talk about how to train customer service! more Mon Nov 1 17:39:10

A S commented on Subordinates do not obbey the manager cos he is their friend....

The Manager should be able to gain the friendship of those he or she has to manage, but have the skill to be respected for the Job they have,The key " Communication" if your team know what is expected for everyone then fr… more Thu Jun 17 11:54:43

Caroline Marie started a new topic The Ten Commandments of Great Customer Service

A good article on how to keep your customers happy... more
Wed May 5 11:03:49

Ronald Hughes commented on Subordinates do not obbey the manager cos he is their friend....

No one follows based on friendship or for that matter because you are a manager. Leadership is what established followers. I have a little problem with the word obbey here as well, it sounds like the manager is a dictator. People follow instructions w… more Tue Apr 13 10:42:10

Alibek Kalaev started a new topic Subordinates do not obbey the manager cos he is their friend....

What is your opinion, what should manager do in this situation. more Mon Mar 1 10:25:01
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