Would you pay more for flexible terms of service (contract)?

Ed Byrne - CEO
Ed Byrne November 24, 2010 at 8:58 PM
Interested to know if people consider the checkbox approach to T&C's a barrier to business Cloud adoption? Would you pay more for a 'pick and choose' approach to your service contract? This could help match your company IT policies to the Cloud so you maintain compliance. For example: - Data Retention: If you do not pay, we will retain your data for 60 days, during which period you may reclaim it. Cost: 20 euro per month. - Disaster Recovery: All data will be backed up in a 3rd party facility and in the event of a provider outage, contract breach, or business shutdown, you may access your data and services from an independent party. Cost: 20% on top of your monthly service fee. - Privacy: Utilise your own encryption keys to ensure no provider staff can access your services. This would limit support but provide total security. Cost: Free. Any more? Would providing options like this help speed adoption and mitigate current fears?