iPad2 ... Lovin' it.

Ray  Nolan - Founder
Ray Nolan May 10, 2011 at 6:44 PM
I can't say I killed myself in the hunt to have an ipad2. Okay it's thinner and lighter and allegedly faster, but I was happy with my 3G, so felt I could wait until the rush was over. A good friend in the US persisted and sent me one nonetheless. (Thanks Claire!) But now I've got it, I've discovered the real upside ... The camera! No, I won't be using FaceTime, or taking stunning portraits of my kids. I would use a real camera or my iPhone for this sorta stuff. If like me you bring your iPad to meetings, but also carry a paper notebook to scratch ideas / sketch concepts or just doodle away the boredom, then the iPad 2 really helps. I bought a leather case that allows a jotter pad on one side.... So I'm lighter than before. But the pages tear out, and fall out, and get lost ... So referring to them later is unlikely. Enter .... Evernote, a great app. I now take pictures of these etchings with my ipad2 and store them in Evernote, then tear the pages up. Evernote files them, allows me tag them with company, concept etc, synchs them with my phone and my mac automatically etc etc. It even OCR's printed matter I snap. So ... My ipad2 plus Evernote now has me more organised, carrying less than ever. Yay!
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Bill Liao - Co-Founder
Bill Liao May 10, 2011 at 7:20 PM

Agree 100% :-)