How to Kill your Job Interview!

Puck Hienekamp
Puck Hienekamp August 31, 2010 at 1:47 PM

A job interview is of great importance for your future and will therefore have to be taken seriously. First of all you have to be dressed right, so no baggy jeans or short tops; secondly you have to look and smell clean; so there will be no mud wrestling before bedtime; and finally you have to present yourself at best, so throw your chewing gum away before going into the interview and make sure you're not late. Having a job interview in a foreign country is even more exciting, scary and stressfull. Besides your appearance, you will also need a certain amount of knowledge about the language and culture of the country.  There are a few things you can do to help you get through the interview process in relation to the language:

  • Think of possible questions the interviewer might ask you and think of a way to form your answer succesfully in the foreign language.

  • Practice the questions and answers with a friend who's a native speaker.

  • If possible and necessary ask a local university professor or english teacher for some advice.

  • Make a list of vocabulary relevant to the specific job or industry.

Sometimes the etiquettes for a job interview in a foreign country differ from the ones in your home country. Be aware of this! Do you shake the employer's hand when you come in or will this be inappropriate? Do you ask questions or will that be seen as rude? The next link will provide you of information concerning etiquettes in over 80 countries:

Job interviews in a foreign country are challenging. However, with some practice, the necessary knowledge and a good appearance you'll be prepared for a strong interview!

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Puck Hienekamp
Puck Hienekamp September 14, 2010 at 1:38 PM

Last Wednesday, September 8, 2010, an article was placed in Metro Herald concerning job interviews. No matter where you're from, everybody will know not to act like the following in job interviews:

Want the job? Then take off your helmet 

Job seekers are ruining their chances of getting work by acting strangely during interviews, ranging from falling asleep, asking for a cigarette - or keeping a crash helmet on, according to a new report out yesterday. Some candidates talked about their love life, scratched the top of their legs or answered mobile phone calls midway through being questioned about a job. A survey of 100 business leaders by a leading jobs website found a long list of bizarre behaviour, or mistakes, such as criticizing previous employers, or dressing inappropriately. 

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