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Oklahoma attorney-at-law Greg Wilson owns a general practice firm in Shawnee, Oklahoma. The Wilson Law Firm offers a wide range of legal expertise as well as effective representation in such matters as bankruptcy, personal injury, criminal defense, and wills and trusts. A former Pottawatomie County Assistant District Attorney and Mayor of Tecumseh, Greg Wilson brings critical understanding of the workings of the courts to his role as a lawyer.

With considerable skill in personal injury law in and around Shawnee, Greg Wilson recently brought an action against Allstate Insurance Company on behalf of a client who had been hurt in a car accident. As a result of his effective representation, the client won a $1.1 million award from the insurance company. In addition to personal injury and civil litigation, he handles such family law matters as guardianship, divorce, and child custody. He also provides persistent criminal defense for clients facing felony or misdemeanor charges.

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