Grainne Killilea - Recruitment Manager

Recruitment Manager at Locum Express & Nurses Ireland



Work category

HR and Recruitment



Grainne Killilea's Recruitment Manager role at Locum Express & Nurses Ireland (2013 - Present)

Locum Express specializes in providing Doctor and Healthcare Locums and Contractors to meet short and long term requirements in public and private healthcare organizations.
Also since the 18th of March 2011 Locum Express has been the SOLE SUPPLIER for Short term Locums to all HSE Hospitals in the following regions: Dublin, Leinster, Connacht and North East.
For more info about PE Healthcare and Locum Express please visit - or call +353 214297901

PE Global Nurses Ireland is a subsidiary of PE Global. At PE Global Nurses Ireland we specialize in providing contract and permanent nurses to private nursing homes and private hospitals. PE Global Nurses Ireland finds jobs for Registered Nurses in Ireland including, but not limited to, Staff Nurses of all levels, Ambulatory Care Nurses, Home Health Care Nurses, Hospice Nurses and long-term Care Nurses.


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