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Having been the driving force behind Newmarket Solutions for the best part of 10 years the opportunity in mid 2010 to merge my business with Enclave Technologies was a fantastic prospect to bring things to the next level for us both.
Newmarket Solutions had become one of the foremost business partners of Sage in Ireland and have successfully implemented software solutions across many diverse business sectors and now coupled with the Manged IT and IT Consulting that was Enclave's core business we're in an unrivaled position to manage and support our clients systems from all angles.

As a qualified accountant I bring the skills and experience of professional accounting to client business and allow them to reap the benefits without the hassles. A masters in IT helps on the technical side of things too

Gavin Elliffe's Professional Experience

2010 - Present

Enclave Technologies - Director

following the merger of Newmarket Solutions and Enclave Technologies I have become a director of Enclave Technologies focusing on the business software solutions side of the merger business where we continue to provide the best service and support for Sage's software ranges

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Bachelor/Degree - MSc in Management & Application of IT, Information Technology

Dublin City University


Bachelor/Degree - Professional Accounting Exams, Accountancy & Business



Bachelor/Degree - BA, Accounting & Finance

Dublin City University

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