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technologist, coder, investor in technology startups

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2008 - Present

RendezVu - CTO/Co-founder

RendezVu is an exciting startup targeting the online language-learning space. It combines state of the art 3d (on pc/wii/iphone/xbox) and innovative AI at the back end to create an immersive learning experience. We're aiming at the English as a foreign language market to begin with.

It allows language learners to practice their skills by providing 3D foreign language worlds online. By “immersing” students in real-life settings where they use their knowledge, RendezVu gives learners a deeper and more dynamic understanding of languages, through using them in context.

Key Skills
3d Cloud Computing Innovative language learning MOBILE APPS unity3d gaming
2003 - Present

GPL technologies - CEO

Founded in 2003 this company is the vehicle for my independent software consulting. The bulk of the work has been building large scale highly distributed learner management systems (LMS) for clients involved in e-learning.
The largest of these systems caters for hundreds of thousands of online users.
All these systems have been built with and c#

Key Skills
.NET ASP ASP.NET e-learning LMS
1997 - 2003

Baltimore Technologies - Chief Technical Architect

CTA in Baltimore.
Architected and built the flagship product UniCERT with a team of of 2 (including me)
Responsible for product design and devleopment across 3 developent team in 3 different continents
The job also entailed techincal presentation to potential clients, speaking at industry conferences and also submitting proposal to standards bodies

Key Skills
crypotography security Product Design
1992 - 1996

Quay Financial Software - Senior Developer

Worked on real time trading room systems for financial institutions.
These systems were deployed worldwide in most of the major banking players

Key Skills
Banking C++ Unix
1990 - 1992

ICL Information Technology Centre - Developer

first job, great place to work - huge range of very different projects. Got to grips with real hard core coding here.

Key Skills

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Bachelor/Degree - Science


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gadgets, snowboarding, coding (really), car n bikes, rugby


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