Gargee AGRAWAL - Seeking a new Challange

HR Consultant at Logica



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HR and Recruitment



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Gargee AGRAWAL's HR Consultant role at Logica (2012 - 2013)

 Global Relocation: Initiating end to end assignments; for expats in Europe and Africa
 Expat Management: Managing Assignees; Old and New – also developed a feedback system
 Payroll & Expense Management: Calculation of Per Diems, Salaries, Expenses of the assignees
 Vendor Management: Travel-Accommodation-Immigration-Repatriation vendors
 Process Building: Process set up for Morocco-France out/inbounds for Pre-, On- & End-Assignments
 Communication: One-Point Contact for French-Speaking Vendors, & Morocco CGI/Logica


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