Gareth Barsby

Freelance Writer at Suite 101



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United Kingdom

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Media and Design



I am a creative individual with a good sense of humour that is interested in media of almost all types, writing and movies in particular. Thus, I have great experience in writing fictional pieces and film reviews, as well as editing videos. Reviewing movies and TV programmes allows me to take an analytical approach to what am I watching, which I could apply to most situations I am faced with. Writing fiction requires planning, so I know where the plot is going, as well as research to make the piece believable. Video editing also requires planning, as well as patience, in order to work with the editing program, and organisation, to make sure the video flows naturally. I am also quite fluent in computers and website building, having used computers for over a decade. I am confident in working in groups, work well when a deadline's set and am willing to hear the opinions of others.

Gareth Barsby's Professional Experience

2011 - Present

PDSA - Volunteer Copywriter

Sometimes I work at the PDSA as a volunteer copywriter, which has given me the necessary experience for a job in Media. Duties involve looking over the website, suggesting improvements, finding out how the official website ranks in Google searchs and collecting data about website views.

Key Skills
Computers Copywriting data internet writing
2010 - Present

Ninja Tunes - Street Team Promoter

I am also doing some volunteer work for this record company, in order to help me understand the world of media a little more.

Key Skills
Media music promotion street team
2010 - Present

Suite 101 - Freelance Writer

At the moment, I am registered with Suite101, where I do freelance work, mostly writing reviews of recent movies and television programmes.

Key Skills
critic Freelance Journalism journalist Media movie reviews review tv reviews

Gareth Barsby's Education and Qualifications


Bachelor/Degree - Creative Writing

University of Chester

Second Level -

College Level -

Gareth Barsby's Additional Information



Writing, drawing, music, editing videos, reading, watching and reviewing movies, analysis of fictional texts, going out for walks.


Longlisted for BBC's 2011 Future Talent Award.

Stories of mine featured in two issues of my university's 'Pandora's Box' creative writing magazine.

Have recieved certificate for 100% attendance at Shorthand lectures, noting I am 'punctual, polite and a pleasant student to teach'.

Can write roughly seventy words a minute in Teeline.