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Frederick Achom's Founder role at Rosemont Group (2003 - Present)

Frederick Achom is a London-based investment entrepreneur and businessman. Born in Nigeria, Achom was sent to UK private schools and there he pursued a career in the field of finance, before turning entrepreneur. In 2003 he founded his main business, the Rosemont Group, a privately-held group of companies with global operations.

Rosemont Group
The Rosemont Group, chaired by Frederick Achom, is in the international consumer market. It is based in the Virgin Islands and is today estimated to be worth around of $40 million. Its operations include high-end gourmet restaurants, Italian made kitchens, UK members-only clubs and UK property development.
Rosemont Group is also active in the telecom and service industries in several Western African countries, and owns shares in a major Australian wine firm.


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