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United States

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Accounting and Finance



Frank Reichwein ensures that the properties he offers are sold with limited hassle and with the customer in mind. Mr. Reichwein grants owners immediate use of the property and allows property owners to camp, use recreational vehicles, build homes, and raise any such animals as llamas, goats, and cattle. Property owners are not held to any timeline within which to build on the land they purchase, nor do they need to build anything at all. Frank Reichwein makes buying property simple with low down payments, zero percent interest financing, no administrative or hidden fees, and no credit checks. To make it even easier, Reichwein Ranches sells some of its properties online at eBay and In fact, Reichwein Ranches is the only eBay-approved real estate developer in Costilla County, Colorado.

Frank Reichwein's Professional Experience

1983 - Present

Reichwein Ranches - Co-Owner

We are a family business that has been in the San Luis Valley since 1983. We own approximately 14,000 acres in the valley free and clear including our year round and active family ranch of 1435 acres. We carry a variety of different properties, the most popular land tracts being; Colorado 5 acre ,10 acre or 35 acre tracts w/ mountain views that are owner financed. They are within an hour to several ski resorts such as Wolf Creek, Red River, Taos, and Angel Fire, New Mexico and offer up lakes and streams filled with large Rocky Mountain Trout.

Key Skills
Real Estate, Customer Service

Frank Reichwein's Education and Qualifications


Bachelor/Degree - Business Finance

Dublin Business School & DBS School ofArts

Business Finance

Course Reference : DB516 - Business with Financial Services

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