Francisco Cayuela Uribe - Montessori Teacher

Montessori English Teacher at École Fondation Montessori Nations



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Education and Training



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Francisco Cayuela Uribe's Professional Experience

2011 - Present

École Fondation Montessori Nations - Montessori English Teacher

Providing guidance and support, giving presentations on montessori activities in English Language . Managing a classs of 25 kids in conjunction with other French Montessori Teacher.

Francisco Cayuela Uribe's Education and Qualifications


Certificate - FETAC Level 5 Special Needs Education

Central College Limerick, Presentation Campus, Sexton Street, Limerick.

Child Development Studies.
Factors influencing child physical, intellectual, emotional and social development. Introduction to Psychology and its application to early childhood education.
Theories of learning and behaviour.
Dealing with challenging behaviour in the classroom.
Assessing the needs of individuals with special needs.
Children with the Autism spectrum. Accessing the national curriculum. Observational skills.


Diploma - Montessori Education (3-6)

HSI Limerick School of Business

Montessori Education Theory and Practice
Montessori Sensorial Activities All stages of learning are involved with hands on activities. Development takes place thought matching, touching and discriminating objects by size, shape, color, smell and texture.
Montessori Early Culture & Science: Sensorial Introduction to Geography, History, Botany, Zoology and Science. Stimulate awareness of time, boost children’s perceptions and respect for other living forms.
Montessori Early Arithmetic’s: Consist on a series of attractive manipulative materials. Activities that “take the guess” visual work out of performing mathematical problems and help the child to develop logical thinking and problem solving.
Montessori Practical Life Exercises: Help to develop children’s cultural knowledge while developing motor skills and reinforce Mental order, concentration and independence living. learning domestic activities such as brushing, stitching, carrying objects on a tray .
Montessori Early Language : Montessori language materials give students the opportunity to expand their vocabulary and develop writing, reading and listening skills. Early grammar and acquisition of a Second Language are also included in the Montessori Method .