First Authority Insurance Marketing - Founded in 1996, First Authority Insurance Marketing is continually building a platform where insurance producers can excel.

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Founded in 1996, First Authority Insurance Marketing is continually building a platform where insurance producers have every support mechanism needed to excel.

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First Authority Insurance Marketing - Insurance Marketing Specialists

Established in 1996, First Authority Insurance Marketing has delivered 15 years of service and over 100 years of combined experience to assist professionals in all segments of the insurance industry.

In today's business climate, First Authority Insurance Marketing knows that just having a website is not enough. In order to succeed, agents need a powerful marketing system that generates a steady flow of quality leads, a go-to source for updated product information, and a proven way to take sales skills to the next level.

At First Authority Insurance Marketing, our mission is to continually build and expand upon our educational systems and marketing platforms to give our agents the support they need to excel in all phases of their careers. First Authority Insurance Marketing takes great pride in the quality of our innovative training, marketing and support programs. We have helped countless agents to become successful insurance executives and established industry leaders.

Our job is to help agents become winners, so we provide the caliber of leads our agents need to make it happen. A state-of-the-art lead generation system provides ongoing access to a steady supply of high-quality telemarketing leads, Internet leads and live transfer leads. Leads are affordable because they're provided to our customers at cost. No one but First Authority Insurance Marketing can offer so much for so little.

We also know that even the best leads go nowhere without well-developed skills and expertise. We deliver three regularly-scheduled in-depth product training seminars every week along with carrier-specific education upon request. All training is delivered by managers, consultants, top producers and product specialists in the insurance field. These professionals bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table in the areas of sales, marketing and product information.

Our coaches share their most effective shortcuts, secrets and sales techniques. They teach proven team-building tactics, practical motivational strategies, effective time-management techniques and how to convert lukewarm prospects into interested, satisfied clients. They've learned how to build lasting client relationships and to optimize these relationships to generate a maximum profit with each client.

First Authority Insurance Marketing has earned national recognition for outstanding customer service. With us, agents are provided with everything they need to not only succeed, but to excel. At First Authority Insurance Marketing, we work exclusively with top national carriers who pay competitive advance commissions. They also offer motivating incentives and dynamic contests to stimulate the competitive spirit.
First Authority Insurance Marketing has over 100 years of collective experience in all areas of the insurance business. It works to provide a system and marketing platform to all insurance producers. By allowing access to support mechanisms and training, the producers can truly excel. From its lead program to the in-depth training, First Authority Insurance Marketing provides all of the resources an agent needs in order to grow and excel in the insurance marketplace.

First Authority Insurance Marketing offers an exciting lead program that includes live transfer leads, internet leads and exclusive telemarketed leads. All leads are offered at cost. Insurance agents and agencies need a source of up-to-date information and the best leads available, which is where a company like First Authority Insurance Marketing proves its value.

Insurance agents also need access to new technology and market information. The First Authority Insurance Marketing training platform has three training sessions scheduled each week. Agents can also request carrier-specific training; this can happen the same day as the regular training, or can be scheduled for the next day. Understanding specific major carriers helps an agency develop an intimate knowledge of the insurance product.

Top-rated insurance carriers offer some of the most competitive advance commissions; First Authority Insurance Marketing works with these carriers to obtain the best value for the insurance agent. Agents can also focus on sales in order to earn incentives and win incentive contests offered by major insurers.

The exciting business opportunities from insurance marketing become evident when a company like First Authority Insurance Marketing provides insurance agents and agencies with the tools for success in the marketplace.