Federica Albiero - Textile Senior Development Specialist

Regional Sales & Marketing Manager at DOW Fiber Solutions



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Federica Albiero's Regional Sales & Marketing Manager role at DOW Fiber Solutions (2004 - Present)

• Regional Sales and Marketing Manager with responsibilities for Spain, Portugal, Germany, Switzerland, France and Italy (70% of the total European Sales)
• Secure, manage and develop existing key accounts (Professional Wear, Denim, Bottom Weights, Shirting and Swimwear segments). 15 accounts, 5 new commercial customers in the last 12 months
• Maximize profit and growth through execution of key Marketing strategies, Mill Collaboration Plan, Co-Marketing (budget 100000USD).
• Grow and reinforce the relationship with existing Accelerator (Spain) by creating connections between Asian Mills and the Accelerator who will manage key Brand Owners.
• Manage German DOW XLA™ Fiber Distributor.
• Technical Support for Germany, Spain and Italy as Subject Matter Expert for knits (Claim resolution and customer support, identification and removal of barriers to sell).


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