Farryn Melton - Vice President -  Chief Procurement Officer

Vice President - Chief Procurement Officer at Global Strategic Sourcing and Amgen, Incorporated



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Pharmaceutical and Science

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A results-driven executive and Lifetime-Certified Purchasing Manager, Farryn Melton has dedicated her career to the business and financial management of major corporations. Farryn Melton’s managerial skills have garnered success in every role she has occupied. Adapting easily to any industry, Farryn Melton has worked in the space technology, entertainment media, pharmaceutical, and biotechnology fields.

Farryn Melton currently works for Amgen, Inc., a global biotechnology company at the forefront of its industry. As Vice President of Global Strategic Sourcing, Farryn Melton manages research and development related spending, manufacturing and cost of goods, sales and marketing, and corporate activity such as information systems, legal matters, finances, and human resources. Farryn Melton oversees a sizable operating budget and supervises corporate travel, meetings, events, and organizations.

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