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Connect with friends, colleagues, clients and peers relevant to your work life.
Invite your friends
Invite contacts from other networks or people you'd like to share your work life with.
Invite your friends
Share your status with everyone in your network, send private messages to individual contacts or request recommendations from previous co-workers, managers or customers.
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Inviting colleagues and friends to join Worky is a great way of expanding your network of contacts. An increasing number of jobs are filled by word of mouth, often through a contact in your network.
Invite your friends
Optimise your profile page so it ranks in Google. Choose a good URL, add a keyword rich headline to sell yourself and use keyword rich descriptions in your In Brief and Work Experience sections.
Update your profile
Add a photo to make your profile more personal
Add a photo
Add a headline to draw attention to your profile. This will be used as your title tag for search engines so choose a one-liner that sells you and your profession.
Add a headline
Sell yourself! Fill in the “About Me” section to give people an overview of you and your skills. This can be a career summary or a sales pitch
Fill in the About Me section
Give details of your school, college, university or any other course you've completed to increase your attractiveness to employers and your visibility to future contacts.
Add an education
Add details of your work experience to improve the quality of your Worky profile and make yourself more attractive to potential clients, contacts or employers.
Add a work experience
Follow other Worky members to unleash the real value of Worky. Current and previous colleagues and peers could open up new opportunities for work and career.
Follow other Worky members
Request a recommendation from a previous employer, colleague or customer to add more authority to the work experience on your profile.
Join a group to share ideas, ask questions or get involved in work related discussions with colleagues and peers.
Join a group
Connect your Twitter account to Worky so prospective contacts can read your work-related Twitter posts and get to know you a bit better.
Connect your Twitter account
Making your profile public encourages potential clients, employers or contacts to connect with you.
Make your profile public
Adding your real name to Worky gives your profile extra legitimacy and encourages potential clients, employers or contacts to connect with you.
Add your real name
Add the Worky Tab to your Facebook profile to showcase your work reputation to current or future employers and colleagues
Adding your location ensures you receive more relevant connection requests and job offers.
Add your location
Follow a company to keep up to date on all new job postings or other company announcements.
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Using our CV Verification technology you can validate your work experience and make yourself more appealing to potential employers. Simply click the verify link on your profile page to send a verification email to your previous employer.