Creating a Worky Member Profile

1. Choose a good URL

Your Worky URL is your personal domain name for your work profile. If you'd like your Worky page to rank well for searches of your name in Google then choose your firstname-surname as the format eg Worky will automatically try to create this type of URL for you, if you'd like to change it you can do so from the profile tab on your dashboard. Just click on Edit Profile.

2. Set your location

Add your location to receive more relevant suggestions for jobs, connections and groups.

3. Add a Photo

Adding a photo makes your profile more authentic. Make sure to use a professional looking snap though. You can change your profile photo at any stage by clicking on the photo and uploading a new photo.

4. Add a Headline

By adding a headline you convey yourself and your skills in one sentence. This is also used as your Title Tag for search engine optimisation so choose wisely as it could lead to extra business or approaches for you. If you are specialized in a particular area such as Biochemical Engineering or Upholstering Antique Sofas then add this to your headline eg John Smith - Proficient Biochemical Engineer or John Smith - Antique Sofa Upholstering Expert

5. In Brief

This is you in a nutshell and gives people a brief overview of what you're all about and what you'd like to achieve by being on Let us know if you want to network, if you're job seeking or if you're promoting yourself or your business. The keywords you use in your In Brief section will help to improve the positioning of your profile page in Google.

6. Work Experience

Don't just add in previous jobs you've had, add information about what you did and what you achieved. You can cut and paste this straight from your CV, but make sure to omit sensitive information such as company sales figures or revenue growth you may have achieved. Adding the company that you worked for makes your profile more authentic. You can also choose to add keywords if you are job seeking and you'd like your profile to match with hirers requirements.

7. Verification

If you are job seeking you may want to add additional authority to your profile by verifying your work experience. To do this simply click the verify tab beside the role you'd like to verify. Then enter the company name, and the name, title and email address of the person you'd like to verify your role. Worky will send them an email to verify the dates and position in which you worked. Once they click a link to verify this information is correct you will receive a Verified Stamp beside that work experience.

8. Education

By adding your education and qualifications not only do you add more substance to your profile, but you make yourself more visible to ex-classmates who you could reconnect with. Add in your qualification, college, course and the year you graduated. If you have completed additional courses such as Masters, PHD's, Diplomas or extra training then add these in here too.

9. Additional Information

9.1 Links

Add links to websites you've worked on or to a personal blog or portfolio. Only add links if they add extra weight to your profile. Use the Link Title to describe the link eg My Blog, My Portfolio

9.2 Languages

Select any additional languages you speak from the language drop down. Set your level of fluency by sliding your mouse along the slider then save to add that language. You can add another language when you are done by clicking Add More Languages. To delete or edit a language hover to reveal the edit and delete tab to the right of each language.

9.3 Interests

Add in any additional interests you would like included on your profile. These can include sports, hobbies or additional interests.

9.4 Memberships & Associations

Add in any memberships and associations you would like included on your profile.

9.5 Awards & Qualifications

Add in any additional awards and qualifications you would like included on your profile.

10. Recommendations

If you are looking to grow your business or get a new job then a recommendation is worth its weight in gold. Invite an ex boss, colleague or customer to connect with you and then request a recommendation from them. To request a recommendation find a Worky member who will recommend you, then click on the Request Recommendation Link on the top right hand side of their profile page. You can only request recommendations from members who are already connected with you in the Worky network.

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