Optimise Your Worky Profile For Google

Your Worky profile is a great way to get noticed both within the Worky network, but also in search engines. Follow these 10 simple steps to ensure that your Worky profile is optimised for Google and the other search engines:

1. Go Public!

A public profile contains much more information and crawlers like to crawl relevant text so this will ensure you rank higher. Set your profile settings under Account settings.

2. Promote your Name

Use your real name to create your unique profile URL. This way when people search for you by name your Worky profile is more likely to appear than unwanted photos or mentions from Facebook or other social networks. Use the separate fields for your First and Surname so they are separated by hyphens as this way Google recognises them as two separate words which is better for your ranking.

3. Use Keyword Rich Headlines

If you want to be found in search engines for particular skills or keywords then use these in your headline. Eg PHP Developer or Experienced Web Designer. Add your Headline under Edit Profile.

4. Let us know your whereabouts

In order to generate more local search traffic for your Worky profile page, make sure to fill in your location. We will use this information in your description tag so it will help you rank when people search for your expertise in a particular location eg Web Designer Dublin. Add your location under Edit Profile.

5. Use keyword rich text in the In Brief section

Your Worky profile is your opportunity to sell yourself. The better you do this, the more likely you will be found and presented with opportunities on Worky.com.

6. Tell us where you worked

By filling in more details in your Work Experience you will have more opportunities to rank for keyword searches for your job title or for people looking for individuals with experience working for a particular company.

7. Add in a photo

By adding a photo you have the added opportunity to appear in image searches.

8. Link to yourself

Add a link to your Worky profile from your website, blog, facebook page, Linked In page or tweet your link to your Twitter followers to generate some inbound links.

9. Join and Contribute to Worky Groups

By contributing to Worky groups you can improve your profile and at the same time improve the inbound links to your Worky page.

10. Connect with other members

By connecting with other Worky members who rank highly in Google, you can increase the authoritative links to your own Worky profile page.

For any additional queries about using Worky contact us here