How to Improve Your Profile Score on Worky

Add a Photo (This adds +5%)

Show us what you look like and make your profile more personal and more authentic. Say cheese!

Add a Headline (This adds +5%)

By adding a headline you convey yourself and your skills in one sentence. This is also used as your Title Tag for search engine optimisation so choose wisely as it could lead to extra business or approaches for you.

In Brief (This adds +5%)

This is you in a nutshell and gives people a brief overview of what you're all about and what you'd like to achieve by being on Let us know if you want to network, if you're job seeking or if you're promoting yourself or your business.

Education (This adds up to +10%, with +5% for each entry)

By adding your education and qualifications not only do you add more substance to your profile, but you make yourself more visible to ex-classmates who you could reconnect with.

Work Experience (This adds +20%, with +10% for each role with a description)

Don't just add a job, add information about what you did and what you achieved. You can cut and paste this straight from your CV, but make sure to omit sensitive information such as company sales figures or revenue growth you may have achieved.

Connections (This adds up to +10%, with +2% for each connection) is a network, a place to connect with people who can grow your business or advance your career so don't forget to connect with some people who can help you to achieve this. Search for contacts you may know by clicking on the People tab or invite in contacts by email, through Facebook, Gmail, Yahoo or Hotmail.

Recommendations (This adds up to +15%, with +5% for each one)

If you are looking to grow your business or get a new job then a recommendation is worth its weight in gold. Invite an ex boss, colleague or customer to connect with you and then request a recommendation from them.

Posting to Groups (This adds up to +10%, with +2% for each posting)

Worky Groups are there for you to interact with others in your profession or with common interests. Post a thread to share your opinions, useful links or upcoming events or ask a question on a topic you'd like some help with. And by all means feel free to share your knowledge by answering threads posted by others.

Integrating your Twitter Feed (This adds +5%)

Share your tweets with your Worky network and the world by adding your Twitter link to your worky profile.

Having a Public Profile (This adds +5%)

Make your profile public to get the maximum promotion. A good public profile ensures that when prospective employers or customers Google your name they find what you want them to find.

Real Name (This adds +5%)

Use your real name in your URL to be more transparent. Prospective hirers and customers will feel more comfortable dealing with a real person than with an anonymous profile. For best results use the URL tool to choose your URL eg John Streep

Facebook Tab (This adds +5%)

Add your Worky profile as a tab to your Facebook account to showcase the work side of your life to your Facebook friends. This could lead to job offers, new business deals and more.

Location (This adds +5%)

Add your location to receive more relevant suggestions for jobs, connections and groups. This scoring system will undoubtedly evolve over time as features are added!

Follow companies (This adds up to +10%, +2% for each follow)

Follow a company to keep up to date on all new job postings or other company announcements. Following adds a company to your Worky dashboard and posts their updates in your Worky dashboard updates.

Verify your roles (This adds up to +6%, +2% for each role)

Using our latest CV Verification technology you can authenticate your Worky profile and make yourself more appealing to potential hirers. Simply click the verify link on your profile page to send a verification email to your previous employer.

For any additional queries about using Worky contact us here