Find Your Way Around Your Worky Dashboard

1. Right Hand Panel

1.1 Summary

This section keeps track of your activity on Worky, it shows your number of connections, companies you are following, groups you are in, and recommendations you have. There is also a link to your Analytics tracking your profile views.

1.2 Notifications

Located beneath your summary panel, this section tells you if you have any unread connection requests, private messages, approaches about jobs or updates to group threads you've posted on.

1.3 My Connections

6 of your connections will appear here, click to view their profiles. Below the profile links click Find More to invite in more contacts by email or from Facebook, LinkedIn, Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook or Hotmail. Click on View All to view all your connections.

1.4 Following

This shows links to companies that you are following. You will receive dashboard updates whenever any of these companies advertise new jobs or release news updates through Worky.

1.5 People You May Like To Connect With

This is a list of people that Worky thinks you may be interested in connection with. The list includes people who are connected with others in your network and people from similar work backgrounds. Click connect to send a connection request to one of these people or click their name to view their profile.

2. Centre Panel

There are 3 tabs located to the top right of the centre panel, Updates, Opportunities and News.

2.1 Who's Been Viewing Your Worky Profile

These graphs show a brief summary of your Worky analytics including how may profile views you've had over the past 7 days and whether these views come from search engines, Worky members or anonymous visitors. We also display your Worky profile score which shows what % complete your profile is. To find our more about your profile score visit How to Improve Your Worky Profile Score.

2.2 Share Box

Enter a Status Update and share it with your contacts on Worky. Share links, thoughts, news etc If you'd like the same post shared on Twitter and LinkedIn then enter your Twitter and/or LinkedIn ID and each time you post an update to Worky you'll have the option to post these simultaneously to Linked In and /or Twitter

2.3 Latest Updates

This is where you will see status updates from your connections, from groups that you are a member of and from companies that you follow. You will also see updates from Worky regarding new features and you will get an update when any of your connections connect with somebody else on Worky.

2.4 Opportunities

This is where you will see opportunities that match your Worky profile. At present these opportunities are mostly job vacancies though in the future they may also include events, special offers or business deals. Jobs featured here are a selection of the most recent job matches pulled from advertisers on Worky and through partners such as Simply Hired.

2.5 News

This section features news updates taken from Twitter feeds about and any other companies that you follow that have Twitter feeds integrated with their Worky accounts.

3. Top Navigation

3.1 Search panel

The Worky search panel has been updated to enable you to search for people, jobs, companies and groups. The search capabilities are quite comprehensive and will search entire profiles not just name fields. So for example if you search for "php Ireland" under jobs you will get results showing all mentions of "php" and "Ireland" and if you search for "Ireland telecoms" under companies you will see a list of all companies in Ireland that mention "telecoms" in their profiles. Likewise, searching under people for a "housekeeper" will return Worky members with "housekeeper" as one of their job titles, or searching for "UCD" under people will show all members who went to college in UCD.

3.2 Account

Your Account Settings are located here including your Privacy Settings, Email Settings and your username and password. You can change account settings from here and you can also log out directly from here.

For any additional queries about using Worky contact us here