Ten Reasons You Should Have An Online Work Profile

1. Save Time

Sending a CV by post can take days to arrive, process and file. It can take weeks before the sender receives any communication from the employer. Sending an Online Profile to a prospective employer takes minutes, it arrives directly to the mailbox of the recipient and it takes only minutes for the recipient to reply to the sender.

2. Save Money

The cost of postage multiplied by the number of cover letter and copies of your CV you send out mounts up. Sending an email with an introduction and an attaching file is cost FREE.

3. Convenience and Accessibility

Worky allows you post your Profile online, making it available for anyone to see [we also provide a privacy option.] Companies looking to hire quickly often don't use traditional advertising methods such as newspaper ads, as it slows hiring down. They're much more likely to post an ad and search online. With an Online Profile you're visible and available to them immediately.

4. Partners with Networking

How many business cards have you collected at networking events and meetings? Have you been able to follow up? If you happen to mention you're looking for work you can easily follow up by email with a link to your Online Profile or embed a link to it in your email signature. It's a clever way of making your CV accessible. It's also very easy for your contact to forward it to their colleagues.

5. Fits into your Social Network

Having an up-to-date Online Profile on a professional networking site allows you evaluate your Profile against similar skilled people, giving you ideas on how to better market yourself. Simultaneously people are looking at your Profile, this opens up many opportunities, from sharing your network contacts to sharing business ideas.

6. Think Green

CVs and application letters take up lots of paper. While the internet uses electricity, the impact is much greater on depleting rainforests.

7. Showcasing your talents

Knowing that your Online Profile is visible to the online community naturally encourages you to keeping the content updated and fresh, while you can also take advantage of the benefits offered by multimedia. When a business opportunity presents itself, having a strong online presence gives the impression of a progressive, contemporary individual.

8. Freelance/Temporary Opportunities

Changing times have brought about major changes in hiring patterns, most companies today have on-going requirement for temps or freelancers in short-term positions. Temp work can be a great way to make new contacts in companies and learn some new skills, while still searching for something long term. Posting your CV online opens you up to all kinds of possibilities.

9. Friends /family

Many job or business opportunities are the result of networking through friends or family acquaintances. Of equal importance is the way you follow up the opportunity. Following up by email with a Profile link embedded, keeps the opportunity alive while giving them an overview of your background and skills.

10. Get found in Search Engines

Most potential employers are now finding or eliminating staff based on what they find in search engines. Build a strong professional Online Profile and you'll prevent yourself being looked over for promotion or eliminated based on a bad photo. Optimize your Online Presence so that when they do type your name, you'll be proud of the results they see.

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