Fabrizio Busnelli - process engineer, designing moulding tools with cad 3d, improving process of alloy moulding

process engineer at Fonderie Di Dongo



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I have a passion for innovation, I like orginize and make process work right and fast, and I have a problem solving attitude.
I like being collaborative and create a good environmnent around me, and I have a knack for interpersonal relation, people always thrust me.
I like improve my skills in project management, and work for a modern environment.

Fabrizio Busnelli's Professional Experience

2008 - 2009

Fonderie Di Dongo - process engineer

designing tools for alluminium moulding process loast foam.
process improvement.
analyzing scraps and fault.
customer representative.

Key Skills
logistic process engineer Supply Chain Management
2008 - 2008

Flowserve, Cormani Italy - Application engineer

Customer service, answering query about our products and applicability in according to the working specifics.
Data entry, every order include many items, and every item many different specifics (type of fluid, physical conditions)included in the data sheets provided, from which we need to understand the level of hazard.
Preparing technical bids on special excels sheet, used to calculate size and price.
Introducing order in SAP for spare parts, following all the shipping and delivery.
Prioritizing procedures and customers.

Key Skills

Fabrizio Busnelli's Education and Qualifications


Bachelor/Degree - engineering logistic production management

Politecnico Di Milano

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music, guitar, percussion, juggling, swim, cooking, travel.