Fabian Aguirre - Recently minted Ph.D. Fabian Aguirre has already accumulated a resume of accomplishments in his field of psychology.

Researcher at UT Austin



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Medical and Nursing



Fabian Aguirre, who most recently earned his PhD in Psychology at the University of Texas at Austin, amassed a good deal of clinical experience while completing his education. At the Blackstock Family Health Center (part of University Medical Center Brackenridge), Aguirre assessed the mental health of individuals of all ages, consulting with medical practitioners on their diagnosis and care. Fabian Aguirre also lent his talents to the Austin Center for the Treatment of OCD, where he utilized Exposure Response Prevention to treat people affected by the condition of obsessive-compulsive disorder. In other related experience, he served as a Psychiatric Consultant at the University of California, Los Angeles, and trained parents on modifying their children’s behavior through the Parent-Child Interaction Program at California State University, Northridge.

Fabian Aguirre's Professional Experience

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PhD/Doctorate - Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

The University of Texas at Austin


Masters/PostGrad - Psychology

California State University-Northridge


Bachelor/Degree - Psychology

University of California, Santa Barbara

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