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kitchen assistant at 4Social Work



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Hotel and Catering



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Esther Akinyeye's Professional Experience

2011 - 2013

4Social Work - kitchen assistant

I have over 15 years experience in the catering industry mainly working within the school environment. In this time I have developed many useful and transferable skills in this area. I have an excellent understanding of practical food hygiene in addition to holding my Food Hygiene Certificate. Working in a school environment meant that I was required to observe Health and Safety guidelines and so I have a good understanding of basic health and safety.
During my time with Gateway Employment I developed my cooking skills and have the ability to cook meals for children to a high standard. I am experienced in all common food preparation methods and have used a variety of catering / kitchen equipment such as cookers, steam ovens, deep fryers and industrial dishwashers. In this role I was required to serve the children their meals and take their orders over the counter and therefore have good skills in working with children. I also had to take money and dinner tokens from the children and operate the cash till.
Working within the schools it was essential that a very high standard of hygiene and cleanliness was maintained. I was instrumental in ensuring that all surfaces, equipment and cutlery / crockery were clean and well maintained. Working as part of a team I kept a well ordered kitchen so as meals could be prepared and served in an efficient and safe manner.
I was involved in stock monitoring and informing the head cook if essential items were running low. I was also involved in taking receipt of orders and checking the contents of them.
During my time in Gateway Employment I worked as part of a team 8 people. I am a good team worker and understand the importance of good working relationships with other team members. Working within both Primary and Secondary schools has given me experience in working with children of different ages. Additionally, the schools I worked in had a diverse range of pupils so I am skilled in interacting with children from a variety of backgrounds. As a kitchen assistant it was important for me to always consider the needs and requirements of the children that I was cooking for and serving.
I believe that my skills and experience would make me an ideal candidate for the role of Kitchen Assistant.

Esther Akinyeye's Education and Qualifications


Certificate - Food Satety Awareness in Catering-CIEH Level 2

Thomas Carlton Centre-London

Adhered to strict hygiene and cleanliness standards. Involved in maintain stock levels. Working as part of a team to ensure efficient service to HACCP and COSHH guidelines.