Erick Alessandro Fernandes Da Silva  - Experienced of carpintering, Manufacturing Band Saw Operator, Good with computers, Good with wood working, Good with numbers.

Band Saw Operator at Speisailtoiri Adhmaid teo



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I am a good worker an i am ambitious with any challenge dat comes my way and i am also eager in getting the job done. And Diligent and hard worker with a strong ability to learn who is eager to broaden their skills. Understand the importance of high quality customer care, team work, individual contribution and trustworthiness. Excellent communication skills both verbal and written.

Erick Alessandro Fernandes Da Silva's Professional Experience

2006 - 2010

Speisailtoiri Adhmaid teo - Band Saw Operator

A band saw is a type of upright electric machine with a flat, horizontal table and a vertical blade that moves up and down to cut wood in a straight line or around curves. Band saw operators are the laborers who run band saws, typically in a manufacturing setting.
Using plans laid out in technical drawings or designs, band saw operators measure wood and make guide marks on its surface to determine the path of the blade. Then, the operator places the wood under the guide, turns on the saw and guides it along the path.
Band saw operators must inspect their finished work to ensure it is the correct size and shape, since accuracy is extremely important in manufacturing work. To prevent injury, operators must use caution around the moving blade of the saw and wear goggles to protect their eyes from wood chips and other particles.
Successful band saw operators possess attentiveness to detail, steady hands, manual dexterity, and the ability to follow instructions and interpret drawings. The ability to perform accurate measurements and basic arithmetic are also necessary.
Typically, employers require band saw operators to have a high school diploma or the equivalent and then provide on-the-job training in how to operate the saw. Employers may also consider applicants without a diploma if they have experience with woodworking.

Key Skills
2004 - 2004

londis supermarket - Assistant Store Manager

General Purpose of Position:

Working with the Department Managers, the Store Manager, and any other Assistant Store Manager as part of the management team, the Operations Manager is responsible for the day-to-day management of the store. Responsibilities include coordinating staffing, payroll, accounting, personnel, receiving, loss prevention, controlling expenses and payroll budgets, and assisting in management of all areas of store operations as needed.

Operations Assistant Store Managers are also responsible for ensuring the highest level of customer service throughout the store. An Assistant Store Manager is a role model and leader and must solve problems, make informed decisions and manage the workforce and time wisely in order to achieve maximum results.

Key Skills
Customer Service Operations Manager Payroll

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second level/high school education -

Vocational school lisnmuit Roscommon

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