Emily Faver - executive assistant


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Dallas resident Emily Faver explores her artistic side by painting, drawing and making jewelry, and stays in shape by working out, walking, and jogging. A longtime administrator, Emily Faver has performed executive assistant duties in the marketing, sales, and financial sectors. She has managed the calendar, phone calls, and meetings of high-level professionals and developed presentations and organized meetings for executives.

As a member of the sales industry, Emily Faver negotiated with tradeshow vendors, and ensured customer service, quality control, and product availability. As marketing professional, she assisted in the creation marketing materials, and organized events. Additionally, she assisted in prioritizing assignments and determining work flow. Emily Faver is well versed in managing products and orders in a fast-paced environment, skills she acquired as a sales assistant. She also possesses proficiency in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator and Microsoft PowerPoint.

Emily Faver's Additional Information