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Equipped with advanced technology and experienced veterinarians, Elmhurst Animal Care Center offers boarding, grooming, and veterinary medicine services. The facility is open seven days a week with convenient hours and boasts a staff of six skilled veterinarians as well as knowledgeable veterinary assistants. The center treats cats, dogs, birds, gerbils, and reptiles.

The veterinarians at Elmhurst Animal Care Center recommend frequent checkups for all pets that include physical examinations, vaccinations, and parasite prevention. An affordable Wellness Plan is offered by the clinic to ease the costs of medical care for animals. With monthly membership dues, the Wellness Plan provides peace of mind for pet owners and is available for cats and dogs of all ages. The facility offers an on-site pharmacy stocked with prescription medication, nutritional foods, and grooming products. The pharmacy also houses compounding services tailored to an animal’s individual needs.

Elmhurst Animal Care Center provides a preventive pet dental care program that includes annual dental cleanings and examinations. Preventive measures are encouraged by veterinarians to reduce the risk of gum disease in cats and dogs. Educational resources are offered for pet owners to maintain their pet’s dental health at home.

The center also boasts grooming and boarding services. Professional groomers provide a peaceful environment with lavish grooming treatments. The staff maintains experience with a large variety of breeds and aims to accommodate pet owners’ specifications. Animals with up-to-date vaccinations may be boarded on site for short or extended stays. The boarding facilities offer climate controlled areas and comfortable bedding. The office is currently accepting new patients and walk-ins are welcome.


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