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As an actress, comedian, cosmopolitan Love and relationship coach , lecturer and writer, Elena brings her varied talents to the fray of whichever professional arena she joins. Elena Eustache was already performing when she was six years old, in her home country of the Czech Republic. Set on what was to become the guiding hand in her life, Elena began studying the performing arts at the Czech Republic’s Dramatic School of Art, at the age of 10. She then went on in her college years to study at Columbia University in New York. Elena learned from a modern-day master of the performance industry, Bill Esper, at William Esper Studios, and furthered her acting and directing skillset at the School for Film and Television.

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2010 - Present

Excellence Yuen - Relationship Coach, Actress, Comedian

While bringing mirth to the people around her is a talent of Elena’s, to her, it is no laughing matter. Elena is known to say “Peace and unconditional love is not on the street, it is inside of you, and I am devoted to helping others find it and give back as I love to do”. Elena blends her many talents of performance, directing, communication, comedy, spiritual guidance, education and writing, into a potpourri of expertise, and gives needed insight into the hearts and minds of others. One of Elena’s many gifts to the world is her devotion towards helping others. Elena acts as a spiritual counselor, guide, and She is a Cosmopolitan Relationship coach to many stars and all that seek her advice. She is also a coveted Parent Instructor, teaching parents how to effectively and lovingly raise their children. Elena develops her teachings through a fragrant blend of soul journeying, involving Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Yuen Method Energy Healing, Dowsing, Feng Shui, and many more approaches towards self-reflection and discovery. She acts as a spiritual lifeguard, breathing new life and revitalization into the lives of the people she coaches and heals.

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Certificate - Stand up comedy

Linda Smith at Caroline’s on Broadway

Elena Eustache happens to be quite the comedian. She studied under Linda Smith at Caroline’s on Broadway, and has performed at the Laugh Factory, as well as many other well-known comedic venues. SHe appeared On Comedy Central in " THE BURN - with roastmaster general JEFF ROSS.She competed in “The Funniest Mom in America 3”, and has held varied roles throughout television and film. Elena was an actress in a Matt Damon film, “The Informant”, Host of the weekly radio show “In The Heart of Stars”, Elena calls on actors and actresses to share their insights on life’s challenges and struggles, with the public. She is hosting on WANNA BE ME TV with Jackie Watson - THE ROUND TABLE - celebrities interviews. She just finish , is starring and producing hillarious funny Comedy TV series ' THE RINGMASTER "She has also written two books - How to be feminine and masculine “Yin, How to be Male”, and “Yang, How to be Female”. She is writting her new book - Be and stay in Love.

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Elena is a talented performer whose career track belies her life’s mission statement. When a person puts their mind to something, they will undoubtedly succeed. Elena holds 12 languages under her tongue, and has possibly as many avenues of communication to teach and bring joy to all of her audiences.