Eileen Spengler, RCS, CRS, CPI - Program Director Echocardiography & DMS, Research Sonographer, Athlete Sonographer

Program Director Adult Echo & Diagnostic Medical Sonography - Director Research & Curriculum Dev. at West Coast Ultrasound Institute



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United States

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Education and Training



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Eileen Spengler, RCS, CRS, CPI's CEO/Owner - Senior Cardiac Sonographer role at Clare Diagnostic Echo & Research, LLC (2006 - Present)

Providing diagnostic cardiac testing on patients participating in clinical trials. Also providing heart screens for patients outside of research which include echocardiograms, carotid, abdominal aorta scans and EKG. Currently providing testing for the following Clinical Trials:
Arena APD356-009,010,011 and MAP0004-CL-P301.


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