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Dr. David Amron is a skilled practitioner in the field of liposuction and cosmetic surgery with a decade and a half of experience. As an expert in revision liposuction surgery, Dr. Amron attracts an international clientele to his Beverly Hills clinic. He favors an approach to liposuction that focuses on one or two areas of the body. This approach minimizes the amount of time needed for surgery, with most procedures taking between one and two hours to complete.

Dr. David Amron cautions liposuction patients to consider whether they are good candidates for the procedure. Liposuction proves most helpful in removing areas of fat that are resistant to exercise and diet. Liposuction may not be recommended for patients who are overweight but still possess a proportionate physique.

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PhD/Doctorate - Medicine

Albert Einstein School of Medicine


Bachelor/Degree - B.A. in Biology

San Diego State University

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