Dominique Iakhlef - Dominique Iakhlef

French Consultant at Visula Communication Consultants



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Media and Design

Dominique Iakhlef's Professional Experience

2010 - Present

Visula Communication Consultants - French Consultant

pictures are worth more than a thousand words; they are the elements that play a significant role in marketing success. As Director of Visual Communications for a London-based consulting firm, Dominique Iakhlef anticipates customer reaction to perceptible branding experiences. Dominique Iakhlef harnesses this understanding of the industry to assist his clients with their advertising goals.Dominique Iakhlefs clients include companies in the pharmaceutical, optical, and real estate industries. In his executive role, Dominique Iakhlef offers visual communications solutions in traditional and new media outlets. Dominique Iakhlef introduces innovative elements and original images to his clients marketing plans to create the strongest connection between companies and their customers.Dominique Iakhlef possesses more than 20 years of experience in business-to-business direct sales. Beginning his sales career at KIS France, Dominique Iakhlef provided retail solutions on behalf of the photoproducts manufacturing company. Dominique Iakhlef quickly achieved sales executive status with his first successful deal. After KIS, Dominique Iakhlef listed with the Register of Independent Sales Representatives and conducted successful videocassette slot machine trades to investors. Prior to his business-to-business career, Dijon native Dominique Iakhlef studied Optometry at the Fresnel School in Paris and served for a number of years as an optician.Apart from his visual communications consulting, Dominique Iakhlef maintains his interest in marketing solutions and art through his blog and social networking platforms. Dominique Iakhlef enjoys contemporary art and often attends the latest exhibit openings at local museums and art galleries. Contributing to the dialog surrounding modern art, Dominique Iakhlef supports New York-based Momenta Art, a charitable institution managed by artists that promotes work from emerging, independent artists.