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Dezdemona Zahariea's PA/Government/translator role at PA/Government (1991 - 1994)

1991-1994 Translator(PA)/ Government

SUMMARY: Remarkably gifted and self motivated Interpreter/Translator with experience providing optimal interpretation and translation support in all meetings in Parliament.
Summary of Qualifications

• Excellent Romanian and certified proficiency in English.
• Proven excellent written/spoken English.
• Exceptional simultaneous interpretation skills.
• Proven ability to translate complicated texts such as law, IT and official documents.
• Excellent communication and presentation skills in both: Romanian and English.
• Excellent team working abilities together with an innate diplomacy.
• Excellent computer skills (MS Office, Word, Access, Excel, Power Point).
• Highly motivated and results oriented with the ability to plan ahead.
• Excellent knowledge of EU regulations.


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