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Entrepreneur at Dublin Chamber of Commerce of Ireland



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Dezdemona Zahariea's Business Executive/Account Executive(Marketing/business consultancy/sales) role at Dyflin Publication (2012 - 2012)

-Identify and develop business opportunities for the company/business consultancy
-IT/update system CRM/email and maintain data base
-business development/entrepreneur/customer orientated
- I conducted market research actively for potential clients/sales
-pursue and maintain new business relationships (CRM System)
- understand and acquire accurately the needs of our clients
-prepare various presentations to interested clients
- Continuously follow up on clients and respond to their enquiries
- prepare business development strategies according to the needs of the client
- secure business opportunities by cultivating mutually beneficial business relationships with current and potential clients
• Pro-actively hunt for target organizations and establish communications with those businesses that can benefit from our Company’s services.Eg:Brown Thomas,Xipisan(Singapore),Carraigh Donn.
Account Management
• Increase the company’s involvement with existing client
-Update, management and promotion of business information websites/update e-zines/ optimization of social media
• Develop and deliver the business plans through carrying out research, formulate
market analysis and deliver accurate business reports.

Excellent negotiation skills
A pro-active self-starter who can operate both individually and as part of a team
Dealing with customers face to face or over the phone
Outstanding needs analysis, positioning, business justification and closing skills
Good oral and written communication skills
High commercial acumen /identify new customers or potential businesses.(extensive marketing research:in Ireland or international market)
IT proficiency/working knowledge of computers,familiarity with web browsing and file management/SEO


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