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Data Entry Operator at Apple One Employment Services



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United States

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Admin and Clerical



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192 Fillmore Street Staten Island, NY 10301 BEST CONTACT Cell: 718-406-7237

Back Office Professional: 25 years experience focusing on problem resolution, research and supporting customers. I am skilled in customer services. My main tasks were to FILE/RECORDS (numerical, alphabetical, chronological, color coded, invoice, cusip, regional, security number, container and customs house seal and policy), fax, photocopy, execute phone coverage and strong data entry. Also to research with Microfiche and Internet, mail (Fed Ex, UPS, etc.). I worked on 3270 Mainframe-Equivalent to AS400 systems. Data Entry was 50% of work schedule. Computer Classes Workforce 1 Career Center (2008-2010)

Denise Figueroa's Professional Experience

2011 - 2011

Apple One Employment Services - Data Entry Operator

Data Entry Operator Specialist – Checks/Stubs/Check Routing and Account Numbers-Minor Balancing for Cable and Fingerhut accounts.

Key Skills
data Data Entry
2011 - 2011

Apple One Employment Services - Data Entry Operator

Data Entry Operator Specialist – Checks/Stubs/Check Routing and Account Numbers-Minor Balancing for Cable and Fingerhut companies.

1987 - 2008

Morgan Stanley, Inc. - Claims-Legal Documents Representative

Claims – Legal Documents Representative – Brokerage-Lost Certificate Department
Managed the Lost Certificate Department; as a one person operation. Maintain 300 plus customer accounts. • Replaced lost stock and bond certificates for shareholders and other institutions. • Daily telephone contact and correspondence with banks, insurance and other legal companies. I reported losses and recoveries of physical certificates to the Security Information Center (SIC) via X17 notification reports. • Sent out and obtained legal documents, affidavits to shareholders for signature, letters of indemnities, corporate resolutions, stock powers for shareholders signature and worked with the Depository Trust Company to clear securities for transfer, sell, cede and have securities renamed to adult from a minor. • Developed training procedures on lost securities for new employees. • Replacement fee checks reimbursements from insurance company to deposit into house bank accounts. • Support the Travelers and Marsh & McLennan insurance companies by furnishing legal documents to append to their claims (bond of indemnities). Checks and balances from and to insurance company. • Forwarded reports to management on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. • Worked with Law Department to update Morgan Stanley’s Corporate Resolution. • Worked with the Depository Trust Company and the Securities Information Center.

Key Skills
Data Entry/Filing/Customer Services
1984 - 1987

Universal Corporation - Import and Export Claims Recorder

Administrative Assistant – Import & Export Recorder • Typed and sent out checks for services rendered to stevedore and flat bed trucking companies, CATS cranes and lifts trucking equipment, Real Estate Company and Office Supply Companies. The call volume on billing questions was frequent. Have performed receptionist duties, receive customers. • Typed up Bills of Lading invoices on commodities shipped. • Worked with insurance company to file claims for damages, pilferages and/or natural causes arising from shipping events. Records for all invoices, bills and canceled checks were kept. • Assisted co-workers with their job functions when required. Receptionist Duties

Key Skills
Clerical Support Specialists/Customer Services
1982 - 1982

Connecticut National Bank - Portfolio Recorder/Beneficiary Assets

Portfolio Administrator Recorder • Set up portfolios of stock and liquid assets received from clients. • Sent out letters and statements to clients on a monthly basis to update them on their accounts. • Set up meetings for clients and managers. Receptionist Duties • Informed clients on daily basis of the present market value of their securities

Key Skills
Administrator Clerical Support/Recording Assests Receptionist Receptionist duties

Denise Figueroa's Education and Qualifications


Diploma - Business

Curtis High School

I enrolled in a Co-operative Education program. This program allowed me to go to school as well as to work. Every other week work then school, working summers in the business environment. It allowed me to have one on one work experience with Chubb Group Insurance Company, New York.